Since my last post on January 31st I have been experiencing a bout of writer’s block. (I know – I haven’t even gotten started yet and I have writer’s block- yikes!)  Right after I “put it out there” that I would be sharing my story I got stuck. I have tried to analyze what has been going on inside my head and I have realized that it boils down to these two things:

#1)  I really don’t know where to begin
#2)  I am afraid.

Then I had a revelation. It occurred to me that these two roadblocks are common to many of us who are embarking on a new leg of our journey. So in the spirit of transparency I thought I’d share how I am dealing with these obstacles.

As for #1 ~ It is very difficult to embark on a journey when you aren’t sure exactly where you are going. Yet, when we are living a life of faith this is often what is required. God plants a dream inside of our heart and calls us out but the path is frequently unclear. That is why He tells us over and over to “Be strong and courageous!” That command comes with a comforting promise that He will be with us wherever we go! (Joshua 1:9) He will actually whisper directions to us along the way.

To combat the first issue I had to embrace the fact that every journey begins with one step. One step leads to another and before you know it, you have momentum. So, my one step is writing this piece today and in doing so I am no longer standing still but moving forward.

As for #2 ~ Fear is a strong emotion and an opponent to every dreamer. It causes us to want to run back to our comfort zone and play it safe.

In order to overcome the second obstacle I had to consider the stakes. If I don’t follow through and share what I believe is a story of hope then there may be someone out there who will remain hopeless. By keeping my story to myself, I could retain my pride and exercise my right to privacy, but I would do it at the risk of someone else having to navigate the dark hallways of depression without some glimmer of light. It is a risk I am not willing to take and that helps me move beyond the fear.

What is at stake if you do not embark on your journey? What is it that holds you back? What one step could you take today to get moving? I’d love to hear your thoughts and how you deal with the roadblocks!