Last week I went to our cottage in Maine – by myself!kayak, Maine Cottage, alone time, feeling stuck

I went to write, and rest, and just be.

I have to admit I was a teeny bit nervous to be in a cottage alone with the trees brushing against the windows at night (they sound like someone clawing at the screens) and the creaky floorboards of the old house (that sound like footsteps) while you’re lying in bed, and the haunting sound of the loons…but I digress.

On the last day I took the kayak out on the lake. I am fairly lazy by nature and only intended to paddle out just enough to enjoy the stillness of the lake and soak in the October sunshine. But as I paddled out I became inspired to go a little further.

There is a pretty set of two islands a little ways off from our place. From a distance they look like two ships following each other. Over the years it has become a “thing” for family members to swim to the islands or kayak to the islands. I always opted for sunbathing over exerting unnecessary energy, but on this beautiful autumn day the islands were calling me.

As a made my way I noticed how different they looked up close. I could see every detail of the clustered trees and vegetation. In between the islands there is a little passageway that opens up to a big expanse of lake on the other side. Now, I was getting adventurous so I started to pass through.

What I didn’t realize is that it is very shallow there and my kayak ran aground. I was stuck on the rocks! My first instinct was to dig my oar into the rocks and dislodge myself by pushing backwards. I was telling myself I had gone far enough anyway, my arms were tired – it would just be easier to go back.

Then a voice whispered, “Don’t you want to see what’s on the other side?”

In order to get myself moving forward again it would take a lot more finagling. In fact, I was afraid I would have to get out and push. That would mean getting wet and cold. I had come all that way already, I decided to press on. I took a few deeps breaths. I turned the direction of the oar and started un-wedging the kayak but pushing forward at the same time.

Before long I was gliding through to the other side and it was breathtaking. A whole new landscape to drink in. So much more to explore! (and more islands in the distance)

The whole experience reminded me of my last post on being stuck.

It’s so tempting when we are feeling stuck to want to go back the way we came but if we do…we miss out on the beauty of what is on the other side.

Sometimes, you have to dig in to get moving again or…get out and push. Just keep going – something incredible is waiting for you on the other side!

feeling stuck, keep rowing,