Every summer we come here to this beautiful sleepy little town called Jefferson on Damariscotta Lake in Mid Coast Maine.  We have been blessed to take many vacations of all different sorts…fancy cruises, lovely resorts, city hotels but our vacation in Maine is my favorite for lots of reasons. Here are three of them.

1. I am reminded of the importance of LEGACY.

The modest little cottage that we stay in was owned by my grandparents when they were alive here on earth and left to their children collectively for the family to enjoy. I have taken over the management of the cottage this year and in doing so I have had more interaction with the people in the town. I have always known that my grandfather had an incredible reputation, but it has really hit home this year.  As I meet people and tell them my family name the response is always the same if they knew my grandfather.  The three words that come up consistently when people recall their dealings with him are integrity, honesty and generosity. It makes me proud to be his granddaughter but it also makes me wonder about how I will be described when I am gone.  What will people say about me?  Will it be consistent?

I love to be reminded to live my life with intention, conscious of the legacy I am creating.

2. I am reminded of how little I really need to be HAPPY.

I have a beautiful 3 bedroom 4 bathroom home in Florida with all the modern conveniences and a list of even more that I want if I am completely honest. I can easily get caught up in the more, more, more mind-set. For example, I couldn’t wait to replace my stained carpet in my living areas with wood floor but then once that was done it made me notice how shabby the bedroom carpets are looking.  Before I know it I can become dissatisfied and buy into the idea that I will be happier if I just have this or if I just have that.

In our little cottage in Maine we have a floor made of painted plywood and some scattered area rugs.  The furniture is older than my oldest child and none of the doors close properly.  There is no dishwasher or clothes washer or dryer. And yet I am as happy as can be there because I am with my family and there are no distractions or pressures. Instead of watching TV or working on our computers each night (with the exception of the occasional blog!) we play games and laugh with each other. Our meals are simple and made with limited pots and pans that we improvise with, but they taste better for some reason than those made at home with all the proper cookware.

I love being reminded that sometimes less really is more.

3. I am reminded that there is FREEDOM in not caring so much about how I look!

While we are here I never blow dry my hair. I hardly ever wear make-up but if I do it is very little- just enough to ensure that I don’t frighten poor unsuspecting strangers. I don’t look in the mirror much and I don’t think much at all about what I look like. And I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a slave to fashion and probably always will be but being free of caring for a little while is really refreshing.  And it makes you realize how silly it is to get too caught up in all of that superficial stuff.

I’ve always joked that I subscribe to Billy Crystal’s credo in the old SNL skit…”it’s better to look good than to feel good” but as I sit here in my ripped jeans and comfy old t-shirt with my frizzy hair I am reminded that that it is not always true!

Greetings from the shores of Damariscotta Lake xo


P.S. This blog was written while the gang was out tubing on the lake so it was allowed 😉