stop doingNew Year’s Day is a fun day at our house not only because it is the first day of the year but also because it is my daughter’s birthday.  This year she turned 16 which was SWEET!

This evening we went out to dinner to celebrate her birthday and we went around the table talking about our plans for the year ~ things we wanted to do.  When it came to my husband he said that he was working on 2 lists, one for his personal life and one for his business.  He said each list would have 3 things he resolved to start doing and 3 things he resolved to stop doing in 2014.

It was the idea of resolving to stop doing some things that got our attention. The rest of us had not thought of things we were going to stop doing but we all agreed it was a great idea.

Last year I had made a resolution to write a book.  When I made that resolution I intended to finish it by the time the year was over. That didn’t happen.  I have spent a lot of time beating myself up about that so that is the first thing that I am going to STOP doing.

I am going to stop chastising myself for missing my deadline and wasting time on something I cannot do anything about. Every time I begin to lament about what I didn’t do last year I am going to remind myself that THIS is the year it is meant to be finished. I am going to be glad that I have gotten started and am on my way.

I haven’t had much time to think about it but I am going to work on the 3 things to start and stop doing for both my personal and working life.

How about you?  Do you incorporate things to STOP doing in your New Year resolutions?