“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.”

Proverbs 31:25

I was watching the coverage of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee yesterday morning. My Dad is from England and I lived there as a child, so the royal family has always fascinated me. Even though this four day celebration centered around the Queen, my attention, and most of the watching world’s attention, was drawn to the beautiful young Duchess, Kate Middleton.

Kate- Jubilee Celebration

The Stunning Duchess

When Kate married Prince William in 2011 she was immediately clothed with the dignity that comes with being a part of the royal family. It is evident that Kate takes her new position very seriously and to this point she has displayed incredible strength under the pressure of her new status and the constant media attention she attracts. We can learn much from this stunning young Duchess.

We, the bride of Christ have married into royalty. We are now clothed with the dignity of being part of the family of the King of Kings.  And we, just like Kate, have to make a conscious decision to uphold the reputation of our family. If we clothe ourselves with dignity and strength we can laugh without fear of the future!  I don’t think Kate spends a lot of time stressing out about her future ~ it is secure.  And so is ours!

Dignity and strength must be the foundational pieces of our wardrobe.  Just like we wouldn’t leave the house without our underwear (well, most of us 😉 ) we must, everyday, clothe ourselves with dignity and strength.

Dignity is a state of mind that comes from knowing who you are and who you belong to. We must know it and walk in it.

The strength part is more difficult and hard to muster up at times. But we have this promise that…”those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.” (Ps.40:31) That word wait is not an impassive word it more literally translates to “those who put their hope in the Lord.” An action. Stir up your hope and strength will rise!

So girls, pull on your spiritual Spanx!  Clothe yourself in dignity and strength and be free to laugh without fear of your future!!

When people see you walking with that air of confidence they will want what you have! Let’s start a trend!