I have noticed a pattern in my life.

God gives me a dream or an idea.


I get really excited and start making plans and goals and start working towards making it happen.


It takes WAY longer than I expected.


Something happens to completely distract me and the project comes to a standstill.


I get frustrated and begin doubting that the dream/idea was from Him.


I surrender it back to Him and stop trying to figure it out myself.


He brings it to pass in His timing.

Now that I recognize the pattern I can relax in His timing and not feel so frustrated when things don’t fall into place in my timeframe. Have you ever experienced that?


EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: I have started a new project to offer a daily dose of encouragement to people who struggle with dark days called Positively Depressed.  You can find it at http://traceymetzger.tumblr.com/ Please feel free to follow along there or share with someone who may need it!