I love to watch the Academy Awards but I am so thankful for DVR technology and the ability to fast forward through the boring parts! There are highlights though, like the amazing performance of “One Day More” by the cast of the movie Les Miserables! Goose bumps!


Jennifer Lawrence accepting Oscar for Best Actress

One thing that jumped out to me this year was a recurring theme in the acceptance speeches. It’s something I’ve always known, of course, but it really stood out to me this year.  They almost always begin with…”I’d like to thank…” Then they go on to list all the people that contributed to their success or supported them in some way.  We cannot accomplish great things without the support and help of the people around us.

This morning I spent some time being thankful for those people in my life that have supported me and cheered me on through good and bad times and have inspired me to reach high and not settle.

Practicing thankfulness is such an important ingredient in the recipe for joy and contentment.  Even on my darkest days I could always find something or more importantly someone to be thankful for.

Who are you thankful for today?  Who has supported you along your journey?

Sometimes it’s good to say it out loud.