The other day I went to have routine blood work done.  They checked the white and red blood cells, cholesterol, amino acids, thyroid and other organ functionality. The good news is she said I am a poster child for heart health and I have the kidneys of a healthy 15 year old who has never had a drink. That is comforting… I guess my occasional glass of red wine is having no adverse effects!

As I drove home I thought to myself, too bad there isn’t a blood test to check the shape of our spiritual heart. The intangible heart – the one that houses our spirit, our soul, and our emotions.  Usually, we don’t know there is a problem there until symptoms appear. I know depression and anxiety can be solely the result of physical problems but they can also be tied to, or entirely caused by, heart issues.

In my case heart issues have led to physical issues. I also think I am genetically predisposed to depression. But I have discovered I have far more heart issues than I ever thought I had. When you stuff down pain it doesn’t go away.

Since there is no blood test or barometer to measure the health of your spiritual heart it can only be discovered by introspection (digging deep) and prayer and sometimes you need someone else to help you process all of it.

God is ready and willing to uncover underlying issues as soon as we’re ready to face them. Digging deep and facing the hurts and underlying issues takes a lot of courage.

No one wants to feel the pain of the symptom of a physical illness, yet they are grateful for it when it turns out to be the indicator of a life-threatening condition that can be treated and cured. Depression hurts (just like the commercial says) but if it turns out to be the indicator of a heart issue, once it is treated it can be healed and cured.

I am not making the case that the root of all depression and anxiety are heart issues. But a lot of them are and it’s worth exploring.

Jesus came to heal the broken-hearted, to bind up our wounds (spiritual, emotional and physical) and set our hearts free.  He suffered so that we could be healed.  He was wounded for our afflictions…all of them! He came that we would have life and not just life…ABUNDANT LIFE.

Let’s not settle for anything less. Dig deep, get the heart help you need – you will thank yourself later when you are living the life you were intended to live…in freedom!

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